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For the past decade, we’ve kept hearing that the music industry is deteriorating, that music labels can no longer put out albums under good conditions, and it’s partially true. Despite this truth, Yotanka Records has never looked better. Founded at the start of said crisis, Yotanka never knew that golden age when long-established labels sold new albums with ease. Therefore we have never worked to establish a specific genre nor fixed oursevles to a given geographic region. Perhaps this was the secret weapon in finding our place within a new era of music.

Modelled after music consumption today, Yotanka has always preferred to follow the heart rather than sticking to one musical genre. For this reason, in our catalog you’ll find both dub-wave and pop, both electro hip-hop and novö-yéyé, both post-jazz and grunge rock. We prioritize the passion, authenticity and humanity of our artists’ work over our own esthetics, in hopes that their music never stops rolling once you hit play.

Local / Global

Based today in Angers, Nantes and Rennes, Yotanka has joined in on the dynamics of these three cities by releasing albums from some of their best creators: Zenzile, Nouvel R, Sweetback (Angers) ; Laetitia Sheriff, Bikini Machine, Psykick Lyrikah (Rennes) ; and Von Pariahs (Nantes). The label always has is its ears open, ready to unearth the next French sensation (Ropoporose, Kid Francescoli), international names who haven’t yet won over the French market (Fool’s Gold, The Procussions) , or new discoveries such as Puts marie.

Style and Content

The entirety of the Yotanka catalog is available digitally, but we have always appreciated treasured objects, notably vinyl records. Therefore, we put great care into the visual quality, materials, and techniques used in our products, including silkscreen prints and handmade limited editions.

In spite of such attention to detail, labels today can’t make ends meet based on record production alone. So the team at Yotanka quickly worked to diversify our options. Today, Yotanka Productions also provides editing, show production and artist management services.



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