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Rock [FR] 

Laetitia Shériff

Stillness talks about the need to be together. It’s a fight because in these troubled times, everything takes us away from ourselves and everything scatters us. This is why Stillness, while seeking calm and serenity, is also a cry of revolt against all conditioning, against forgetfulness and passivity, which are the forms of self-abandonment. The title poses an enigma: the calm we are talking about here is both that of the water, which must calm down to reflect, but also that, misleading, of before the storm. Stillness is in turn soothed and infuriating, meditative and bewitching, or ferociously electric. In the image of Laetitia, a remarkable figure of a certain pop rock scene where she shines by her longevity and constancy, the sincerity of her approach, and a constantly renewed search.

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