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Yotanka Records and its sister company YTK Publishing (based in Rennes) are keen to develop editions and synchronization, by regularly placing the music of our artists in the image. An obvious way to bring music to life and multiply operations and visibility.

Our commitment to the diversity of the artists we produce and publish is a strength for responding to ever more diverse requests and briefs.

TV commercials

Renault: Birrd - No Time to Shine

Aldi: Kid Francescoli – Moon

Citroën: Tample – Summer Light

Ford: Bikini Machine – Stop All Jerk

Mac-Donald’s: Fool’s Gold – Another Sun

Web ads

MAC Comestic: Dope St Jude - You’re Gonne make it

One Step: Niteroy – Para de Pensar

King Max: Niki Niki – Ungenderness

Armani: Kid Francescoli – Blow Up

Cartier: Von Pariahs – Gruesome

Casey Nestat: Kid Francescoli – Moon

Chanel: Kid Francescoli – Pick Me Up

Chantelle: Kid Francescoli – Does She / Disco Queen

Côté Sud: Kid Francescoli – Blow Up

Faconnable: Kid Francescoli – Blow Up

Festival de Marrakech: Kid Francescoli – Moon

GAP / Athleta: Kid Francescoli – Moon

Hermes: Kid Francescoli – Moon

Lancôme: Kid Francescoli – Moon

Lanvin: Kid Francescoli – 9 AM

Paris Surf & Skateboard Festival: Tample – Chimera

Perrin: Kid Francescoli – Moon Kid Francescoli – Bad Girls

Courbet: Tample – Chimera

TV shows

Elite: Palatine - C’était un loup

Search Party: Geysir - Tero

Blood and Water: Dope St Jude – Home

First Kill: Dope St Jude - Home

You: Saavan – Holow

Flaked: Kid Francescoli – Mr Know it all (Bolivard Remix)

Jack Ryan: Arm & Tepr – Tu sais

Nashville / ABC Studios: Kid Francescoli – Blow Up

Rosewood: Kid Francescoli – Dream Ocean

Skam Italia: Kid Francescoli – Moon

The Romanoffs: Arm – De Passage

Films/ Documentaries

Arte: Zenzile – Transit

RMC BMF: Kid Francescoli – Moon / The Insatiable Love / Come Online / Pick Me Up

The Intervention / Burn Later productions: Kid Francescoli – My Baby

À cœur battant / Condor Distribution: Tample – Breathe


Decathlon (Vidéo interne) : Tample – Summer Light

Lost In the Swell / Oxbow (Web Serie) : Kid Francescoli - Muthoni Drummer Queen - Birrd – Tample - Saavan

Lumia Pureviews (Skate Video) : Von Pariahs – Someone News

Miscellaneous Podcast – Miscellaneous Instagram videos for athletes, brands

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