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The Procussions

The Procussions has the ability to transcend its sounds and return to a crazy energy. Their eponymous album takes us back a few years, especially when rap was still seeking the acoustic sounds of drums. Mr J. Medeiros and Stro The 89th Key unfold a punchy hip hop, ideal playground for them who impeccably master their flow while injecting a unique personality, and whose finely chiseled lyrics are constantly supported by a musical rigor oozing the proximity to C2C. Communicative, haranguer, passionate, authentic, and without ever forgetting the purpose of the scene ("Badges" feat Mayday for example), The Procussions does not forget to serve richness and depth ("Iron Vox"), but also diversity ( "Phantasm" feat 20syl, "Track 10") throughout a disc that can serve as a link between two prosperous periods of hip hop.

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