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Dub [FR] 


Twenty and some years in the service of a personal music, materialized by ten albums (plus some off series) to the exemplary outfit. A journey without false notes, punctuated by precious encounters (Jamika, Sir Jean, Tricky, Paul St Hilaire, Winston McAnuff, Vincent Segal, etc.) which contributed to enrich a work initially lacking voices. Because at the origin of Zenzile was the dub this instrumental version of reggae, invention of Jamaican sound wizards, full of echo, delay and reverb. In the company of a few others (Improvisators Dub, High Tone, Brain Damage, etc.) Zenzile has dug the foundations in France, with singularity. His full and cinematic dub is played live, with bass, drums, keyboards and saxophone. Over the years and the records, the band has continued to evolve the musical genre by going to cuddle on the side of rock, electro, new wave, funk-punk or krautrok.

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